Who we are

UNESCO "Pro Natura" - Association for Action in Protected Areas is member of IUCN The World Conservation Union

Our Mission

Maintenance and preservation of different natural habitats, and also people’s education in this sense in order to achieve in Romania the principles and programs of UNESCO in the field of nature conservation.

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List of Projects Already undertaken

From the begining the members of “Pro Natura” have had as aim the nature conservation, more exactly to develop concrete actions in some Protected Areas. We focused since 1992 on Retezat National Park and since 1993 on Cerna Valey too, considering them the most valuable montane zones from Romania, an european interest natural area. “Pro Natura” started in 1992 the programme “Protection and Environmental Education in Retezat National Park and Cerna Valey Area” which has been developed every year since then. The members of our association embraced the idea of only one activity, but vast in scope. In 1998 UNESCO Pro Natura won the Henry Ford European Conservation Award with this programme.

Contact Information

Telephone ++40-1-311.26.44
FAX ++40-1-312.19.20
Postal address Calea Plevnei 61, Bucharest, Romania
Electronic mail pronatura@ccs.ro
President Maxim Iurie
Vicepresident Burdusel Emilian