Document of The World Bank DRAFT
Report No: 18838-RO
Romania Biodiversity Conservation Management Project

Project appraisal document on a rant from theglobal environment facility trust fund in the amount of SDR 4.1 million (US$ 5.5 million equivalent) to ROMANIA for a biodiversity conservation management project

CONTENTS and annexes

Abbreviations & Acronyms

A. Project Development and Global Objective

  1. Project development objective and key performance indicators

B. Strategic Context

  1. Sector-related CAS goal and GEF Operational Program supported by the project
  2. Main sector issues and Government strategy
  3. Sector issues to be addressed by the project and strategic choices

C. Project Description Summary

  1. Project components
  2. Key policy and institutional reforms supported by the project
  3. Benefits and target population
  4. Institutional and implementation arrangements

D. Project Rationale

  1. Project alternatives considered and reasons for rejection
  2. Major related projects financed by the Bank, GEF and/or other development agencies
  3. Lessons learned and reflected in proposed project design
  4. Indications of borrower commitment and ownership
  5. Value added of Bank support in this project

E. Summary Project Analyses

  1. Economic
  2. Financial
  3. Technical
  4. Institutional
  5. Social
  6. Environmental assessment
  7. Participatory approach

F. Sustainability and Risks

  1. Sustainability
  2. Critical risks
  3. Possible controversial aspects

G. Main Loan Conditions

  1. Main Loan Conditions

H. Readiness for Implementation

  1. Readiness for Implementation

I. Compliance with Bank Policies

  1. Compliance with Bank Policies



Annex 1. Project Design Summary
Annex 2. Detailed Project Description
Annex 3. Estimated Project Costs
Annex 4. Incremental Cost Analysis
Annex 5. Financial Summary
Annex 6. Procurement and Disbursement Arrangements
Annex 7. Project Processing Budget and Schedule
Annex 8. Documents in Project File
Annex 9. Statement of Loans and Credits
Annex 10. Country at a Glance
Annex 11. Social Analysis and Participatory Approach
Annex 12. Financial Management Assessment