Annexa 7

Prepared by: Ministry of Waters, Forests and Environmental Protection

Preparation assistance: GEF Block B Grant, CIDA TF, Austrian TF, UK Know How Fund

Bank staff who worked on the project included:
John Fraser Stewart
Adriana Dinu
Gordon Temple
Marjory-Anne Bromhead
Andrew Parker
Naushad Khan
Ramendra Basu
Kenneth Miller
Maurizio Ragazzi
Charis Wuerffel
Jocelyne Albert
Mahesh Sharma
Kathy Mackinnon
John A. Hayward
Gottfried Ablasser
Gabriel Ionita
Doina Rachita
Elena Dinu
Irina Luca
Stan Peabody
David Gray
John Kellenberg
Louis Carbonnier
Parvin Baharmast
Irene Bomani
Biodiversity and Natural Resources Specialist
Biodiversity Specialist
Economist/Financial Analyst
Peer Reviewer/Natural Resource Economist
Economist/Decentralization Specialist
Procurement Specialist
Financial Management Specialist
Disbursement Officer
Operations Analyst
GEF Regional Coordinator
GEF Regional Coordinator
GEF Biodiversity Specialist
Sector Leader/Natural Resources
Quality Assurance
RM Project Officer
RM Project Officer
RM Project Officer
RM Project Officer
Social Scientist
GIS Specialist
Team Assistant
Team Assistant