The National Strategy and Action Plan for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use of its Components

1 Synopsis
2 Executive Summary
3 Romania's Biodiversity
3.1 Overview
3.2 Geographic Setting and Climate
3.3 Romania as Biological Meeting Place
3.4 Ecosystem Diversity
3.5 Species Diversity
3.6 Genetic Diversity
3.7 Human Influence on the Landscape
3.8 Economically Important Species
4 Threats to Romania's Biodiversity
4.1 Overview
4.2 Pollution
4.3 Changes to the Hydrological Regime
4.4 Resource Extraction and Use and Changes in the Land Use
4.5 Future Directions of Resource Use
5 Legal and Institutional Framework for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use of its Components
5.1 Overview
5.2 International Agreements
5.3 Existing Legislation
5.4 Conservation Administration and Policy
5.5 Management of Protected Areas
5.6 Research and Scientific Activities
5.7 The Role of NGOs
5.8 Environmental Education
5.9 Weaknesses in the Legal and Institutional Structure Relating to Biodiversity
6 National Strategy and Action Plan for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use of itsComponents
6.1 General Conclusions
6.2 Priority Areas
6.3 Legal Institutional Reform
6.4 Primary Needs
6.5 Priority Actions for Protecting Biodiversity in Romania
Box 1 Priority Objectives for Biodiversity Conservation in Romania
Box 2 Romania's Position in the Migration Routes of Birds within Europe
Box 3 Endemic and Subendemic Plant Species in Romania
Box 4 International and Regional Environmental Agreements
Box 5 The Three Biosphere Reserves in Romania
Box 6 Success Stories of NGO's Nature Conservation Projects

Map 1 Physical Map
Map2 Ecoregion Map
Map 3 Hydrographic Map
Map 4 Land Utilisatio

Table 1 Protected Areas in Romania
Table 2 The main protected virgin forests in Romania
Table 3 List of Objectives and Priority Actions

Appendix 1 - List of participants at the strategy elaboration
Appendix 2 - Main groups of ecosystemic formations of Romania, number of ecosystem types, their present status and territorial distribution
Appendix 3 - List of the endemic and subendemic species of flora
Appendix 4 - List of endemic and subendemic species of fauna
Appendix 5 - International conventions, initiatives and programmes in the conservation and sustainable utilisation of biological diversity
Appendix 6 - Actual organisation chart of the Ministry of Waters, Forests and Environmental Protection
Appendix 7 - The Official Gazette of Romania, Law and Decrees
Appendix 8 - Legal framework and institutional responsibilities in applying the law and other normative acts which have a special significance for biological diversity conservation
Appendix 9 - Regional Environmental Initiatives
Appendix 10 - Hydrographic Map
Appendix 11- Land Utilisation Map
Appendix 12 - List of Protected Areas in Romania