1. Synopsis

The following document is the result of an eight month process of identification of important features of Romania biodiversity, identification of the major threats to biodiversity and the establishment of priority actions to address these threats. In the first phase of this process of preparing a National Biodiversity Strategy, four working groups prepared thematic papers on different aspects of biodiversity conservation ((1) aquatic, wetlands and coastal ecosystems, (2) forests and grasslands, (3) agricultural ecosystems and (4) legal and institutional issues). Each of the thematic papers proposed a number of strategic recommendations and actions. These recommendations were then reviewed in a workshop by a wide variety of stakeholders and experts (see Appendix 1 for a list) and agreement was then reached on priority strategy needs and actions. Participants also contributed to a draft biodiversity strategy document (a synthesis of the four thematic papers) which, together with priority recommendations of the workshop are contained in this "The National Strategy and Action Plan for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use of its Components".

The document describes the elements and importance of Romanian biological diversity and proposes action needed to ensure that these natural values are retained for future generations and for the sustainable development in Romania.